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Mention Me have developed a referral marketing platform which provides a market leading solution to ensure refer-a-friend becomes your best performing marketing channel.

They enable easy social sharing through email and 16 popular social media channels. But that’s not all. They also know that many recommendations take place in day to day conversations. Not wanting to leave these referrals to chance, Mention Me developed their patent-pending Share by Name option. No code to remember, no opportunity lost.

The Approach –

As a scaling business, Mention Me were looking to increase their outbound sales capacity. Because relatively new to hiring salespeople, Mention Me were looking to onboard experienced sales personnel to help bring an ROI immediately.

The Solution –

After consulting with Graduate Fasttrack, it was agreed that talented graduates would be the more viable option to help achieve the objectives in both the short and long-term for the business.

Potential Issues –

Having never employed graduates before, Mention Me were skeptical that inexperienced salespeople would be able to attract the level of outbound business that was needed to grow. With this in mind, we consulted with the team to help find the right type of candidate who would fit the mold of salesperson that the VP of Sales wanted.

How Graduate Fasttrack helped –

Graduate Fasttrack first built a bespoke recruitment campaign. This meant helping Mention Me market themselves to the appropriate graduate demographic. Having received over 1000 application for this campaign, our consultants spoke to every applicant and shortlisted this group down to a mere 20 people (meaning that only 2% of applicants were successful). These 20 would end up attending our successful recruitment assessment day where three fantastic sales candidates were hired. We saved Mention Me a huge amount of their own time and partnered with our experience in the market, we helped them find three candidates who have created a huge ROI and are now in management positions today.

How has Graduate Fasttrack helped since then? –

Since our first successful recruitment campaign with Mention Me, we have now planned and run three more successful bespoke recruitment days as well as helping Mention Me recruit for a number of different roles.  We have become the go-to exclusive supplier of graduates to the business, helping them grow to over 50 people. This year, Mention Me gained $7million in investment, meaning that we are tasked with helping them grow continuously into the future.

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